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The Netrouting Guarantee

At Netrouting we are committed to one hundred percent customer satisfaction. We can only reach this goal by delivering on our promises. However at Netrouting we are just a bit different from the rest, we do not only say what we do, but we guarantee it. This page briefly describes some of the key elements of our guarantee to customers.

  • 24x7x365 support
  • Pro-active service monitoring
  • Multilingual sales and support
  • 10 Day Money Back Guarantee

Our Service Level

What you may expect from Netrouting.

Replacing Hardware

Has your hardware had its day? Within 1.5 hours we will have a new server installed. In case of hard drive trouble we will help you recover your data with means of a system rescue environment or by enslaving your disk to a new server.



Cloud Server Up and Running

Can’t wait to get started? Getting up and running in the Netrouting Cloud is just a matter of minutes. Customize your server configuration, order online and your server will be instantly provisioned!



Ticket Response Time

Submit a ticket with our support team and we’ll get back to you within 60 minutes. That is our guarantee. Are you in trouble and need help right away? Try us on live chat, we’re open 24×7.



Network Uptime

Our redundant network is always available. Thanks to our back-up connections and redundant systems your work will never be interrupted, even in the case of emergencies and disasters.



Dedicated Server

At Netrouting we can have your dedicated server up and running within four hours. Our team will do the utmost to speed up your delivery without losing focus on performance testing and system integrity.



Power Uptime

At Netrouting the power is always on, thanks to our UPS systems (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and diesel generators. Our facilities are designed to withstand natural disasters and other extreme circumstances.



Our valued customers

What customers say about Netrouting

Andre Sannes,
Owner Klik ICT

I have had my hosting and servers managed by Netrouting for many years now and I am very content with... Read more

Danny Bogaards,
Owner Boware IT

Netrouting has provided us with reliable Colocation services since September of 2008. They did a great job delivering flexible and stable... Read more

Irene Maragaki,
CEO, Hostsun

If you are running a hosting company you need to have a dependable vendor. I’ve been hosting several servers with them... Read more

Paul Groeneweg,
Owner Pazion IT

Thanks to the hands-on mentality of Netrouting we are able to completely manage our servers remotely. Even in case of... Read more

Ronald Boot,
Owner Terrabyte BV

We have worked together with Netrouting for nearly 10 years now, and for good reason. Their positive approach and can... Read more

Paul Bint,
CEO, ColoHouse

ColoHouse is certainly fortunate to have a valued business partner such as Netrouting in our Miami facility. Netrouting has a... Read more

Get to know Netrouting Datacenters

Take a virtual tour of datacenter Spijkenisse, The Netherlands.

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